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Welcome to Acme Machinery India Pvt Ltd
In classical language ‘ACME’ denotes ‘Pinnacle’ or ‘The Highest Peak’ …..for us at Acme Machinery India Pvt Ltd, It is our only credo and benchmark.

A – Accurate Performance
C – Cost Economical
M – Most Durable
E – Easy in operation/Efficient.

Acme Machinery India Pvt Ltd has redefined the printing, packaging and converting industry in India as well as overseas.

The company has built up a reputation as a successful, Professionally managed organization that has unfailingly served the industry and government in the areas of high quality Paper and Board Printing, Packaging and Converting Machineries.

It’s a Mumbai (India) – based company. It is one of the leading manufacturers (OEM) and exporters of machines for the ever – growing and highly demanding market. It offers a wide range of machines to cater to every aspect of Printing , Packing and Converting Industry such as:

1) Carton Folder Gluer Machine for mono cartons &, corrugated cartons.
2) Automatic Carton Collector Unit.
3) Automatic Ruling Machinery.
4)Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machinery
5) Corrugated Box-making Machinery.
6) 3 ply / 5 ply Corrugation Plant.
And other allied machineries…

Over the years of operation, its meticulous execution of manufacturing of machines according to specific demands, has inspired confidence in clients and associates and earned itself a sizable market share of the industry.

Acme Machinery India Pvt Ltd., under the competent and dynamic stewardship of its Directors and Executives has set a benchmark in the industry and constantly strives towards higher goals.

It has continuously endeavored to innovate according to the demands of the industry, adhere to the highest international quality stands, maintain immaculate delivery schedules, offer fair prices and prompt after sales services. It continues to aspire setting higher benchmarks than ever before because quality is never compensation on by ACME

Our Machines

1.Carton Folder Gluer Machine for mono cartons &, corrugated cartons

Carton folder gluer machines are an integral part of the packaging industry. Acme Carton Folder Gluer are designed for folding and gluing mono/ duplex cartons, e-flute cartons and corrugated cartons.

These cartons are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as well in food packaging and other packaging industries. They are suitable for producing a wide range of box sizes at high speed ensuring high efficiency.

Pharmaceutical boxes, cosmetic boxes, four corner boxes, six corner boxes, popcorn boxes, pizza boxes, ice-cream boxes, conical cartons and many more type of cartons can be done successfully on ACME carton folder gluer machine

Fully Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Machine

2. Automatic Carton Collector Unit

Carton collector unit is attached to the delivery unit of the Folder Gluer machine. This unit helps to increase the production of the machine while reducing the labor cost.

It is flexible and simple to use & easy to assemble with the Carton Folder Gluer machine.

Carton Collector

3. Automatic Ruling Machine

An automatic Paper Ruling Machine is a machine for ruling paper which will be used in production of making notebooks, account books, pads & diaries. On this machines disc & flexo are used for printing lines or tables on the paper. You can do 3 or 4 color printing on both sides of the paper.

Automatic Ruling Machine

4. Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Paper cutting machines also known as paper guillotines are used for cutting or trimming large stacks of paper and cardboard at a time.

It is suitable to cut thin sheets of plastic and rubber material as well. They come in various sizes 26" to 54". They come in semi automatic, automatic and hydraulic versions.

Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

5. Corrugated Box-Making Machinery.

Corrugated Box Making Machine & Automatic Plants. These boxes are an important part of packaging industry; are an important part of our daily life. They come in semi automatic and automatic version. Automatic Plant makes it possible to make 3 ply or 5 ply the board for the boxes in one go. Corrugated box making machines are a set of machines used to make.

3ply / 5ply corrugation Plant

6. 3ply / 5ply corrugation Plant .

3 ply or 5 ply boxes.

Automatic Plant makes it possible to make 3 ply or 5 ply board for the boxes in one go

Corrugated Box-making Machinery

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